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Media Detective Kit
Media Detective Kit

Media Detective Kit

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Do You Have a Nose for News?

You Can Follow News Clues, with your own Media Detective Kit!

It can be hard to separate fact from fiction online, especially when you’re connected to every piece of information in the world, at once.

Media Detective is here to help you step into your role as a news sleuth!

Media and news literacy is one of those skills that *everyone* benefits from learning. It's a skillset that helps you sort fact from fiction, stop the spread of misinformation, and think more critically overall.

But it can be overwhelming and intimidating: 

  • Where do I start, when I'm connected to every available piece of news and information in the world, constantly? 
  • What's a deepfake? Do those really exist? 
  • All the news seems the same to me, are they really biased? 
  • My parents only put on one news station in the house, so that’s the one I trust. Is that wrong?
  • I want to hear all the opinions and make up my own mind. Where's the "just-the-facts" reporting? 

You’ll get all of these answers inside your Media Detective Kit!

I built my Media Detective Kit the long way: by studying and analyzing hundreds of sources for my history degrees. Luckily, you don’t have to spend years to learn how to follow news clues! 

Getting your Media Detective Kit and becoming a Media Detective will help you become a savvy news-reader, ready to stop:

internet trolls,
outright liars,
propagandists, and

in their tracks, in the ongoing cosmic battle of truth versus lies!

You’ll learn how to:
  • fact-check what you read, see, and hear in the news
  • become a trusted and reliable source of info for all things current events
  • sharpen your BS-detector so that you never share lies, amplify bad actors, or outrage share again
  • have a healthier, more critical relationship with the new so that you engage with it, rather than being led by it.
When you become a Media Detective, you will always fall on the side of truth, feel confident about what you are reading and sharing, and be a life-long news detective!
Are you ready to step into these detective shoes?

What's Inside? 

  • A series of seven, self-paced videos where I guide you through each piece of the Detective Kit: 
  1. Drone footage: An overhead view of the media landscape 

  2. Hidden Camera Footage: Behind the scenes info on how news is made 

  3. Magnifying Glass: Helps bring the details into focus

  4. Fingerprint dust: Looking closely at the author of a piece

  5. Flashlight: Shine a light on misleading and manipulative headlines 

  6. Invisible ink: Tracing sources and the origins of claims

  7. Forensics: Examine images and graphs.

  • Discussion spaces to connect with other Detectives
  • Quizzes and challenges to try your hand at real-life detecting and help solidify what you've learned 
  • Additional resources to foster a healthier relationship with media
  • A certificate of completion! 

**Media Detective examines real life headlines, themes, and stories on topics that may be sensitive or upsetting for younger Detectives. Detective Kits are recommended for ages 16+.

About Lindsey Turnbull: 

Hi, I’m Lindsey Turnbull, the founder of MissHeard Media. I am a ten-year girl empowerment veteran, teen girl expert, and curator. I combine my background in history and leadership development, and use my research, writing, and presentation skills to create educational and empowering media and workshop experiences for teen girls. Through MissHeard Media, I help tween and teen girls feel more confident, capable, and empowered so that they can achieve their dreams.