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 Tap Into Your Inner Power

Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, but have no idea where to start? 

Do you feel like no one really "gets" you at home or at school? 

Does scrolling through social media leave you feeling envious of others and even more disconnected? 

Would you love to have a resource to help your organize your ideas, identify your strengths, and learn how to start using them in an empowered way? 

You're not alone in feeling this way! 

I've listened to stories from hundreds of teen girls who feel the same. exact. way. 

It's the reason I was inspired to create the UNLEASH YOUR GIRL POWER ebook! 

This in-depth ebook is really a How-to guide that will help you find and unleash your inner power so that you can be  your best, brightest self and achieve even your wildest dreams!


Here's What’s Inside: 

+ Self-discovery sections to help you understand your realest self

+ Tips on handling yourself in any situation

+ Quotes and stories from other girls like you!

By the time you finish UNLEASHing your power, you’ll stand taller knowing how you best contribute to the world. You'll also feel more empowered to express yourself, make decisions, and carry yourself with confidence.

Know your true value so you can put your best foot forward in any kind of situation.

Here's what others have said about UNLEASH YOUR GIRL POWER:

“[UNLEASH] is one book that every girl should take time to read and reflect on.”
–Adebisi, 18.

“[UNLEASH looks at] many of the topics young girls like me face, and how to combat them and face them.” – Fiona, 15.

“The Sense of Self section was my favorite, mostly because it's something I've been thinking a lot about recently, and because it isn't talked about very often for teen girls in the digital age.” – Taylor, 16

100% of UNLEASHed’s teen reviewers would consider recommending it to a friend!

About Lindsey Turnbull: 

Hi, I’m Lindsey Turnbull, the founder of MissHeard Media. I am a ten-year girl empowerment veteran, teen girl expert, and curator. I combine my background in history and leadership development, and use my research, writing, and presentation skills to create empowering, life-changing media and workshop experiences for teen girls. Through MissHeard Media, I help tween and teen girls feel more confident, capable, and empowered so that they can achieve their dreams.


Start UNLEASHing your power!